Thanksgiving in the US…

So my cousin and I arrived in the US just in time for Thanksgiving which was something quite different for us, since we don’t celebrate it where we’re from. What was even more different and crazy was the ‘Black Friday’ shopping that went on today. We woke at 4am (which turned out to be late) drove over to Walmart in hope of buying a cheap laptop and digital camera. The crowds that was there already shopping for stuff was mind-boggling. We ended up leaving empty handed, since we didn’t really need anything else. Afterwards we went to a mall for more shopping. I didn’t buy much, but my cousin managed to get a fair bit. Everything here is soooooo cheap…
Other than that, I had ‘In and Out’ for the first time, along with ‘Ben and Jerry’ ice cream, and the peanut brittle from See’s Candy. Yum….except I think I’m gonna go home a few kilos heavier. I love See’s Candy, best sweets ever… I’m gonna go back next week and buy a whole lot more…love it…


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