Las Vegas…

(I just realize that these new posts are probably showing up in my own time-zone which messes everything up, but because I’m doing these posts from my blackberry I can’t change the time/ everything would show up as the following day…)

Anyway, I am currently in Las Vegas. I don’t know how to gamble so my cousin and I spent most of the afternoon walking around to all the casinos (well the big ones anyway) just to take a look inside. I’ve been to the casinos in Macau and I think because most of them are recently built, they’re much nicer than the Las Vegas casinos. The Bellagio was very nice whereas the MGM Grand was underwhelming. The Venetian was nice as well, but because we got there so late, most of the shops were closed along with the canals. We might pop back there tomorrow (today since its currently 2am) depending on time.

So tomorrow we’ll be off to the Grand Canyon. Hopefully it won’t be too cold.
We also managed to get tickets to the David Copperfield show. Cheap last row tickets lol…

Long day ahead, with a lot of sleeping to be done on the bus…


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