The Grand Canyon…

Well we went to the Grand Canyon today. Spent 5 hours to and 5 hours from Las Vegas on the bus , but it was worth it. We didn’t spend as much time there as we wanted though. The views from the South Rim were breath-taking and the Canyon itself is just so big, its crazy. The bright sunlight made taking photos a bit difficult as everything came out over-exposed. Took me a while (and a lot of cursing) to adjust the settings in order to get the photos looking right (and hopefully they do turn out right. I won’t know till I get back home).

Once we got back to Las Vegas, my cousin and I went about trying to find a decent but cheap-ish place to have dinner. When I was in LA, I kept on seeing a place called The Cheesecake Factory. I thought it was a place that sold only cheesecake. I had no idea they actually had proper meals. So that’s where we went tonight. Had pizza and pasta (actually a lot of pizza and pasta for me. My cousin is a light eater, whereas I tend to stuff myself silly).

Afterwards we rushed over to MGM with 5 minutes to spare to catch the David Copperfield show. The theatre it was shown in was quite small, so the event itself was quite intimate. We had the cheapest tickets, but were still able to see quite clearly.

One thing I really wanted to see when I was here in Las Vegas was the water fountain performance at the Bellagio. We missed it yesterday because it was cancelled due to high winds. We made it just in time for the last performance as 12am. The performance was a bit on the short side, but good nevertheless.
I took a couple of crappy shots from my camera phone.
It feels so weird to take photos with the camera phone when I have a dslr. My cousin gives me this funny look as if to say ‘why on earth are you using the camera phone??!’. But I figured they’ll make the posts a bit less boring.

Oh yeah, the sun seems to set really early in Arizona/Nevada. 4.30pm and its getting dark already.


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