San Francisco…

Was in San Francisco for the last two days. We were suppose to go up to Yosemite, but due to the icy roads the bus was turned back at the gates.
Today we’re did the typical tourist things of going to the Fishermans wharf, eating clam chowder and that steam crab thing.
But onto other things, the situation with my cousin…

The thing that’s been getting to me is that I’ve been travelling with my cousin for a week now, and it just feels like things are deteriorating between us. She is lazy and selfish. I own a blackberry and so I’m able to access the internet. So almost every waking moment she is like ‘phone’ or ‘where is your phone?’ No please or thank you’s, she just demands it.
Also when we left my aunt’s house I said to my cousin ‘this will be the amount of water I’ll be drinking over the next three days’. She responded by yelling ‘aren’t we sharing?’. I told her that she needs to bring her share as well. She then stormed over to where the water bottles were. My bag which had my camera in it was next to it; she then kicked it aside. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I was pissed. Anyway, she grabbed a small bottle and now I’m low on water cos she has been drinking my share.
There is a whole bunch of other things that’s been annoying me, but these two things have been the worse.

Am I being petty?

Edit: (forgot to add pictures)
(finished) Clam chowder and Lombard street.

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