Photos from US trip…

Here are the photos that I liked the best. This was not a good trip for good photos… out of the 3454 photos I took (thank goodness for digital camera’s lol !!…) I could only come up with 26 that I could say that I’m happy about.
I blame the lack of good photos on a lack of time. Most of the scenic places that I went to was when I was on some tour. Thus there is a lot of rushing about from one spot to the next. There wasn’t any time to truly appreciate what was before my eyes, which was a shame. I was constantly thinking ‘I need this shot…oh shit! it was over/under-exposed…gah!! change the settings…shit! we need to go.!! one more..!! fingers-crossed that it turns out well..argh!! damn it…!!’
Other than that, there was just too much time spent in the cities. So many crappy obligatory shots of Hollywood sign, tall buildings, Times Square..etc etc…ugh..

All in all, I will go back to the States one day, and hopefully see more and enjoy it.


[the last few photos of DC are repeats, with a couple new ones thrown in…it just makes for a better slideshow overall…]

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6 Responses to Photos from US trip…

  1. lelangir says:

    Wow coast to coast, must have been a lot of traveling. I live right outside DC, two minutes from Arlington Cemetery but I’ve never been there -_-

    • Jo says:

      Yeah it was a fair bit of traveling, but most of the time was spent in LA and NYC with a few side trips thrown in.
      My friend who lives in Crystal City said the same thing about not having been to Arlington Cemetery despite living so close when I mentioned that I wanted to go. You should go, its quite impressive.

      Thanks for dropping by…

  2. Sapphire says:

    Wow great shots and thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to visit my family and friends in the States again. You must have spent over 2 weeks to see so many places! I miss the snow 😦 It is SO much fun to play in! I was hoping to return to Hokkaido to ski but it’s a bit scary going in that area right now.

    • Jo says:

      Haha..yeah I actually spent six weeks there in the States. I had a great time, but really wished I saw more snow.. It was only after the snow storm in NY and at Niagra Falls that I got to mess around in the snow..
      I love snow..!!


  3. Sapphire says:

    Oh and seeing your pic of Niagra Falls just reminded me of a dream I just had last night! I dreamt I saw Niagra falls and walked up this massive hill just to take a pic! When it comes to photography, I can get a little crazy sometimes and people give me strange looks. lol

    • Jo says:

      Nothing is too crazy when it comes to photography… The best photos are created when we go that extra bit for that shot…
      and I also like walking up hills… The views are always the best from the top.


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