Edgar Degas: Waiting…

This was a drawing I saw at the Getty Museum when I was in Los Angeles. I don’t know, but I found it very captivating. Not knowing what they’re waiting for…
The first photo is from my phone. My camera had ran out of memory/space that day and I didn’t have any spare. The second picture is taken from the Getty Museum website, as well as the text below. I think the photo from my phone gives a truer depiction of what the colors were like. The Getty version is a bit on the brighter side.

A young ballet dancer bends forward to massage her foot, while her somberly dressed older companion sits silently beside her on a bench. They appear to be waiting, perhaps for an audition or its outcome. The two figures are a study in contrasts: The athletic dancer dressed in a dazzling costume reflects the glamour and artifice of the stage, while the shabbily dressed, bent figure represents the drabness of everyday life.

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