On the road in Tibet part 3…

I should write something about the photos shouldn’t I?





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10 Responses to On the road in Tibet part 3…

  1. You have a really good camera 🙂

  2. Viridian says:

    Driving while taking pictures is dangerous! Not like I haven’t done that tho xD
    Nice pictures!

  3. jacqivarius says:

    I love the landscape of Tibet. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian but I’m quite partial to mountains.

    Ahh… I want to travel.

    • Jo says:

      Yeah the landscape in Tibet was pretty impressive although very very dry. Lucky you, being Canadian, you have mountains (and real winters along with milder summers). Maybe it’s because we don’t have any mountains here in Australia, but I like mountains too. One day I’m gonna go to Canada (or maybe Alaska) and go hiking there.


      here is a site that has a fair bit of info and photos of Tibet and its people. Its really interesting.
      Just be aware that there are lots and lots of photos to load.


  4. Yi says:

    So this is Tibet. The open skies and barren landscape have its own gorgeous charms. It’s kind of nice.

    • Jo says:

      Well its just a small part of Tibet that I visited. It’s one of the most popular route that travelers take (Lhasa-Mt. Everest-Lhasa). That particular region itself is relatively dry and receives very little snowfall, which explains the bare landscape. If you check out the link in the comment above, you can see that it can get quite green in other parts of Tibet.
      Seeing the big wide open spaces, big mountains, and alpine lakes was pretty spectacular.


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