not out of shape…yeah for me!!

well turns out I’m not completely out of shape after almost two months of doing nothing. No huffing and puffing…felt pretty good, but I’m sure my legs will be pretty sore tomorrow. Actually just my right leg, cos I kept on  slamming it into the ground. Leg feels dead at the moment…stretching doesn’t help. Technique Jo, gotta learn some technique…

(yes yes, this is like some ‘Dear diary’ entry, just for myself…)


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7 Responses to not out of shape…yeah for me!!

  1. I like diary entries 🙂

  2. Yi says:

    It’s good that you’re not huffing and puffing. ^ ^
    For me, it’s always pretty hard to get back into exercising after a hiatus. Seems like you’re fine, which is awesome!

    • Jo says:

      Playing a sport is pretty good motivation to get back into exercising. I still need to hit the gym a bit more (ie. lose a bit of weight) so I can move around efficiently and not injure myself.
      But yeah, pretty happy with how things are, kinda…

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