Remember to warm up!!

Yep, here is another dear diary entry lol.. and yes its the same picture as last week…(not many many animes with people fencing with proper gear on..)

So I just got back from fencing…
Last week everything went well, I felt good…I was moving around fine…my technique has gone to hell, but that can be fixed.. Overall, I had a good time.
This week…well..I dunno what I did differently but everything was crap. Well not really crap, but it wasn’t great. So I go straight into a match…I usually don’t warm up because I can’t be bother/lazy.. on the third point, I do a lunge and I felt my hamstring pull..I’m standing there thinking ‘oh shit!’. I keep going, I lose a few points but catch up at the end, and end up winning. The rest of the night I was just really weary of doing more damage and was beating myself up mentally ‘why didn’t I warm up properly…!!’ Also, tonight I was doing weird weird moves just to score points…Over-compensating due to lack of movement…Oh technique, where have you gone?? Everything was just wrong…

Oh and another thing I tend to do which is bad, is play catch-up…sometimes I race ahead in points, then I lose a whole lotta points so that I’m always on the back-foot trying to catch up. Sometimes I’m lucky and do catch up, and other times the gap is too big to make up… or if I don’t race ahead in points, and the other fencer is up like 5-0, I usually catch up and yeah sometimes win, mostly lose…

Argh!!! Now I’m remembering other complaints I’ve had tonight. Apparently I hit too hard…I’m causing other people to get bruises.. I feel really bad about it, and constantly apologise during the match. Its mainly because I’m not judging my distance properly and hit when I’m too close to my opponent. I got this from two different of the girls said ‘you’re too strong [physically]’..I’m pretty sure I gave her at least two bruises… not cool…I feel horrible..argh!!

Anyways, that wasn’t the point of this post…

Jo- remember to warm up properly before fencing…

People, please remember before you do any strenuous sports/activities you should always always warm up before doing anything. It friggin’ hurts when you pull a muscle…

As you can see, I’ve had a shitty night… REMEMBER TO WARM UP!!

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4 Responses to Remember to warm up!!

  1. jacqivarius says:

    I think that fencing might be interesting except I’m horribly afraid of pointy things near my eyes. I would be dipping and dodging but never hitting. -.-

    Yeah, warm up. Before any type of exercise, you need to warm up. It lets you perform better and protects you from injury. Good luck with your exercising, I sure need some myself.

    • Jo says:

      Fencing is indeed good fun…and the pointy bits don’t really go near the face. Most of the time the opposition will be aiming for your torso (in foil fencing) and the mask does protect the face pretty well.. So yeah, try it if you get the chance..

      Yep, I’ve learnt my lesson and no more laziness from me regarding warm-ups..

  2. Yi says:

    Fencing is soooo cool. It’s such a classy sport. ^ ^

    Anyway, warming up is really important, as is warming down. I should remember to do both when exercising, but I get lazy too sometimes.

    • Jo says:

      Hehe, it’s classy for everyone else..most of the time I feel like I’m lumbering around attempting to fence.

      Yep, I warmed up this week and nothing went wrong. Yeah!


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