Anmitsu Hime (あんみつ姫)…

Anmitsu Hime is a very old anime I used to watch this when I was a kid…(thank you Hong Kong for giving me Cantonese dubs)…

It was mainly about the princess trying to get away from the castle and her minders on a daily basis. She is loved and cared for by everyone in the castle, but finds royal life stifling. So off she goes on her little adventures where she pretends to be a commoner. Most of the time she’ll run into bad guys of some sort and she’ll somehow escape or defeat them.

It was such a fun show, with a huge cast of quirky characters.. The princess herself is really cute…


found a few clips on youtube… too bad I don’t understand any of it other than when she yells ‘save me!!’…

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4 Responses to Anmitsu Hime (あんみつ姫)…

  1. Yi says:

    So old school looking, yet so oddly charming~ ♥

    • Jo says:

      Old school indeed (or maybe I’m just old…)
      Just a lot of childish innocent fun…. Oh how I miss it.. ^^

      found another clip, with bits that I actually remember watching…

  2. anitablues says:


    • Jo says:

      thanks for commenting!! sorry it took me so long to approve.. in China at the moment.. and it doesn’t like wordpress..


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