Mount Everest (Tibet)…

The first three photos were taken in the evening (damn clouds). It was taken from more or less the same spot, outside Rongbuk Monastery. The monastery is about 10 kilometers away from the base of Mt. Everest.

The last couple of photos was taken the next day at base camp which is about 3 kilometers away.. It was ridiculously cold (this was in Winter..), but probably one of the best moments of my life..






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2 Responses to Mount Everest (Tibet)…

  1. Yi says:

    I can only imagine standing before Mount Everst and marveling at its sheer beauty. I’m so jealous! ^ ^

    • Jo says:

      It was quite an experience, something that people should add to their ‘things to do’ list…
      just be aware of altitude sickness problems… (that was one of the downsides to the trip) ^^


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