Hourou Musuko…

One of my favorite shows this season…
Even marathoned the manga and wished there was more out…
SPOILERS ahead (kinda)

When I first started the anime, my favorite character was Chi-chan.. she is such a happy-go-lucky, bat-shit insane, lovable person.
Look at her!! How awesome is she??!

Look...she is wearing a tie ^^

But after reading the manga, whilst Chi-chan still remains a favorite…I want to see this pairing happen…

The most recent manga chapter seemed to hint at it, that Chiba might have feelings for Takatsuki. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. But look at Chiba’s face when Takatsuki said that she might like the teacher. There were a couple of other little things leading up to it as well, not just this one scene…

In all seriousness, it’ll be nice if they really did get together. I don’t know much about LGBT identities and all, but it just feels like such a cop out that Nitori despite dressing like a girl, wanting to be a girl, ends up with a girl that likes him as a guy. and Takatsuki, wanting to be a boy, tries to dress like a boy, but in the end falls hopelessly in love (with all the blushing that comes with it) with a guy (a friggin’ teacher as well!!! and yes yes I know its just a crush, but still..)

If it does somehow end like this, then the whole 10+ volumes could be seen as little more than a phase the children went through where they enjoyed cross-dressing. It’s stupid and flies in the face of everything that has happened.

Even if Chiba x Takatsuki doesn’t happen, as long as Chiba doesn’t go out with the stupid church boy…I think I’ll be alright. I won’t be happy, since Nitori with Anna and Takatsuki with ‘guy’ = cop out, crappy ending.
I really don’t like the church boy..


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11 Responses to Hourou Musuko…

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I’m looking forward to watching this one after I get a new computer. The artwork is very delicate, but that comes across as washed out (near invisible, really) on the make-shift solution I am using in the meantime.

    • Jo says:

      Yeah, its a great show. Shame that its only one season long (and 11 episodes at that….rage at noitaminA !!)
      The artwork is indeed very nice, although initially when I first watched it, I didn’t like how their heads had spots whited out…

      Well, all the best with the computer situation. Looking forward to reading what you have to say about everything if you decide to start blogging again in the up-coming season ^^


  2. Yi says:

    I’ve sort of avoided this show for a bit because it seems kind of heavy… I’ll eventually get around to it though.

    In any case, when I do, I’ll probably end up hoping for Chiba x Takatsuki.

    • Jo says:

      I don’t think its too heavy.. (the pretty artworks helps..) It does tackle some serious questions, but overall its mainly about growing up and the friendship between all the characters..
      (the manga I felt was much more heavier than the anime, because it looks into the bullying aspect of school life).

      Yeah for Chiba x Takatsuki..!!


  3. Renn says:

    Ooh… Very nice pics. *_*

    Chi-chan is pretty awesome. 😀 She’s also surprisingly good with ties–no wonder Takatsuki put hers on so well.

    Takatsuki / Chiba… I have low hopes for the pairing though I agree I’ll be upset if the cross-dressing is just passed off as a stage in their lives.

    • Jo says:

      I want to learn how to do a tie…they should have a bonus side episode with Chi-chan teaching people how to do ties..lol ^^

      Since the manga is still on-going, I’m still holding out for a Chiba x Takatsuki end.
      but yeah, the signs aren’t looking too good at the moment..


  4. Greg says:

    I sort of marathoned through the manga and the anime (I must admit I thought the anime was inferior to the manga) and I’ve become hopelessly attached to ChibaxTakatsuki, mainly because I think they’ve gone a far way together and their relationship now is just great (I never expected Chiba to give VDay chocolate to anyone, she certainly changed for the better and I really hope she didn’t agree to date that arrogant church dude in ch93 =.=). I think that TakatsukixNiitori would be too easy and comfortable – a guy who wants to be a girl ends up with a girl who wants to be a guy – I just don’t like it very much. Anyway, it seems like Chii-chan will end up in a different high school than our protagonists? I still hope she’ll stick around because her cheerfulness is kinda what kept the group together when things were difficult.

    • Jo says:

      I thought the anime did a pretty decent job considering they only had 11 episodes..overall it was a very good adaptation, considering how badly this could have gone down if the sensitive issues were played for laughs..

      Like you, I’m a big fan of Chiba x Takatsuki, because 1. they just make a good couple..2. Chiba seems to understand Takatsuki more than Takatsuki understands herself.. and Takatsuki seems to bring out the better side to Chiba 3. What you said, they’ve been through a lot together and have come out with a better relationship as a result..

      I hate how they’ve left us hanging with Chiba’s response to church boy…but knowing Chiba, how strong-willed she is, she probably would have turned him down..I just can’t picture her saying yes..

      From what I understood, Chiba, Takatsuki and Nitori took the same exam, whereas Chii-chan, Momo and Sasa took one for a different school..Thats how I saw it…But yeah, unfortunately it seems like they will end up going to different high schools…

      Thanks for commenting Greg…


  5. Anna/Nitori is Yuri says:

    Takatsuki is a boy though, not a crossdresser? Nitori isn’t just wearing girl clothes either, she is actually a girl. Anna loves Nitori like a girl too, she says that in this situation she is considered a lesbian. None of the trans characters just “want to become the opposite gender”, that’s just the narrative device used to describe what it’s like to be a trans child living in an uneducated and unaccepting world. Nitori IS a girl, she is transsexual, same goes for Takatsuki who is a boy. He isn’t like Chi-chan, she just wants to wear whatever she wants, Takatsuki has admitted to wearing boy clothes not just because he likes it, but because he wants to be recognized as a boy (which is what Chiba criticizes him for because she is transphobic and thinks that he’s just impersonating a boy).

    This series is explicitly about transsexuality, not crossdressing.

    Chiba is a bigot and a relationship with her (even just looking at a plain friendship) is damaging for Takatsuki’s self-esteem and self-worth. He doesn’t even stand up for himself anymore because he doesn’t want to ruin the hard-earned state of peace he’s achieved with everyone, he’s too afraid to shake things up because he’s dealt with enough criticism and hardship.

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