Hourou Musuko ep. 9…

Wow… this was a really really good episode of Hourou Musako.

Takatsuki is sooo freaking cool ^^… she finally mustered up the courage to come to school in a boys uniform..

Ok, first we get the shipping done first…

Aren't they such a cute couple??

Now to the serious business side of things..

I really wasn’t expecting this to be animated…good on Noitamina for doing it..
So yeah, Doi suggests that Nitori go to school dressed as a girl.. and despite getting good advice and warnings not to do it… Nitori goes right ahead and does it. Brave kid..
I really like the way how they had the mini-monologue from Mako after the credits telling us how badly everything went down..

Based on the previews the next episode I guess will focus on the fall-out. I feel really bad for Anna..poor girl.

Ok, so a few thoughts on this episode..
Yes Nitori was brave to do what he did.. but for me it was reckless, stupid and selfish (I felt the same way when I read the manga..this is what went through my head ‘shit me. I can’t believe he actually did it..’). Takatsuki could do it because people saw her as dressing like a guy, not pretending to be a guy (although I’m sure Takatsuki was pretending to be a guy)..Nitori, well he can’t do it(/or wasn’t suppose to do it) because of society and all… I know its unfair…but that’s how things are. He also really should have taken in other people’s feelings into consideration. Especially Anna.
Chi-chan gave Nitori really good advice, and Takatsuki straight out told him not to do it, because they care about him. Nitori chose to ignore all that and do something that Doi suggested on a whim…Crikey, I’d understand if Doi and Nitori were close friends, but Notori hated this guy.. Why Nitori? Why?!

Anyway, despite the touchy subject and all.. it was fantastic episode. A great way to build up to the series finale.

[Yi, if you’re reading this. Sorry..my bad, I guess they did decide to really focus on the heavier themes to finish the series off…
It’s still a really good show…]


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3 Responses to Hourou Musuko ep. 9…

  1. Viridian says:

    I’ve never read the manga, I do also feel that he is too hasty in making the decision to wear that to school, he didn’t think everything through, like what’s going to happen afterwards. However the act itself isn’t all that bad, I mean think about it, back in the days women didn’t have voting rights… and what happened to the first few “feminists”? casts out of the society/looked down on, no? Without those people and the “crazy” thing they did, women today won’t have all the rights they do right now.

    … is what I think

    • Jo says:

      I wrote this somewhere else, thought I might just cut and paste it and add to it…

      But its great how in the story everyone is so supportive of each other, well the main group of friends anyway. Yes, people do question the children, yes they may be seen as a bit odd. But they aren’t ostracized to the point that they have to hide the very person they are. Like Nitori, he cross-dresses and most people know about it. In the real world, Nitori will get a lot of shit (a lot more than what he got in elementary? school.), but in the manga/anime during middle school, people are more or less fine with it.
      Now I’m rambling… I guess what I want to say is that I admire the courage that Takatsuki and Nitori has.

      I dunno, he was already cross-dressing outside out school and everyone was more or less happy for him to do so. For him to do it at school was just asking for trouble. I understand that someone has to take the first step, but he wasn’t really taking a stand or anything. It just felt like a ‘f*ck this, I’m just going to do it..regardless of the consequences..’


  2. Have you even read the series says:

    Takatsuki is a boy. Nitori is a girl. It’s a series about transsexual kids; they’re not crossdressers.

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