my cousin is awesome…

just got the news that my cousin in the States got accepted into Stanford University. She is now waiting on Yale for an offer. The whole family is really happy for her. I’m really happy for her as well. She is a great kid. Really enjoyed my time in LA getting to know her..

My aunt is the best aunt in the world…love her to bits..(she told my mom on the phone that I was losing weight from all the walking around I was doing, while in actual fact I was gaining weight from eating cheesecake for dessert every night lol..) this couldn’t have happened to a better person. My uncle is really nice as well. drove us around everywhere when we were in LA and was willing to play table-tennis with me whenever I asked (I needed some form of exercise during my time in the States…lol).

All in all..(cos I’m rambling now..) they are a great family and I love them.. really wish I had spent more time in LA (eating cheesecake..^^).


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6 Responses to my cousin is awesome…

  1. Congrats to your cousin! And I’m glad to hear you’re loving your family very much 🙂 Even if your inner motive is to steal their cheesecake.

    • Jo says:

      Ha, you know me too well…but seriously, best. cheesecake. ever!! You’d steal it too lol..^^


      • Haha, perhaps next time you should save a piece ;D

        Oh, TOB is currently open for hire 🙂 Thought I ought to let our cookie monster know.

        • Jo says:

          If it wasn’t perishable, I would have definitely brought some home..
          Costco is opening in Auburn in August, I’m hoping they will stock it.. (I doubt it, but will still hope)…

          Thanks for the heads up…but I think I’ll stay as your cookie monster..^^ my editing skills are non-existent..


  2. Yi says:

    Congrats to your cousin! If you ever visit her at Stanford, feel free to shoot me an email. I live right next to the campus.

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