I love scarves…

I want Kyon’s scarf….
It is so hard to find nice, big LONG scarves nowadays… or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.. or maybe its just where I live…

warning pic spam ahead…
and yes..there is a lot of K-On! pictures..with them wearing the same scarves…but its K-On! and they look cute in scarves.. so there.. ^^

No scarves..but it was a nice moment...

the scenery in the background...nice..

nice background lights...

Gloves are cool as well...


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12 Responses to I love scarves…

  1. Renn says:

    Geez, this is a really gorgeous picspam. I like Mugi’s last scarf the best–I have one like it, haha. Though I really love the way the scarves in Haruhi are drawn. The characters look so bundled up. 😀

    • Jo says:

      I want that bundled up look…!! I want to look warm lol..
      Most of the time, the scarf which I use the most ends up looking like Itsuki in the second pic. Except mines looks a lot flatter and shorter…darn you anime for making everything look better…^^

      maybe I should take up knitting…


  2. Joojoobees says:

    Long scarves are def. the way to go. If you can’t knit, then you can do what I did and hint around to people who do. Heh, heh.

  3. Itachi says:

    Scarf is essential in a cold country or places. It keeps your body temperature warm.
    K-on girls with scarf definitely cute… Love them all ^_^

    • Jo says:

      Where I live it doesn’t really get that cold (in comparison to other countries) in winter, but cold enough for a few weeks for me to wear my scarf…
      I think KyoAni probably puts the most effort into scarves compared to other animation studios..they make it look so good..^^


      • Itachi says:

        Totally agree… KyoAni is good at making details even a detail like scarf. Even small details also not to be forgotten. The scarf also makes the character looks more nice.. =D

  4. Vivi says:

    K-On!! has the cutest scarves, it makes me wonder what they would look like IRL!

    It’s not always cold in California, so sometimes I like to wear thin chiffon scarves.

    • Jo says:

      I think in real life they’ll look pretty and nice, but probably not as cute…
      The climate here in Sydney is quite similar to parts of California, but I tend to keep with my thicker scarves as I tend to catch colds if my neck gets too cold..


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