more scarves…

from Hanasaku Iroha.
I really like Ko-chan’s scarf as well…^^ maybe its a blue thing…

This show was one that was really high up on my to watch list (alongside Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai and Moshidora). It sure didn’t disappoint. When I saw the scarves I was like ‘OMG!OMG! Scarves!!’ Lol… I can’t wait for winter to arrive…I love winter.
But yeah, really good first episode..

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13 Responses to more scarves…

  1. Viridian says:

    Haha you really do like scarfs

  2. Joojoobees says:

    First on Hanasaku Iroha, I was really pleased with the first ep. I hope it gets very dramatic. Slice of Life tends to go comedy, but I like to watch different things, and evil Grandma seemed like she could get the show going in a good direction.

    Okay, now … the scarf fetish. Everyone has their peculiarities. If it floats yer boat, I’m generally happy for you, but when you start saying crazy things like, “I can’t wait for winter to arrive…I love winter”, you have officially gone off the deep end. Winter is BAD. Proof? It is COLD. Cold is BAD. Scarves are warming … they are our friends. I support scarves because they protect us from the EVIL cold. (COLD IS BAD).

    • Jo says:

      Yeah I think they’ve got a good mixture at the moment. Other than the grandmother slapping everyone around and the ass grope by the uncle, everything felt real enough to some extent. Things like having to work for food and boarding, not having everyone warm up to you upon the first meeting etc.. I’m really looking forward to more of it..

      Haha, its actually not that cold in winter here where I live… the coldest during the day it’ll ever get is about 16-17 °C. So yeah…Winter is good..(so is late autumn lol..) Cold is nice, it’s easier to stay warm in winter than trying to stay cool in summer. Thats what I think anyway..^^


      • Joojoobees says:

        But nobody wants to eat ice cream in the Winter. It’s criminal I tell you. 😛

        • Viridian says:

          Psh I eat ice cream during winter when I’m shivering. It is the best time I tell you!
          @Jo There’s some more scarfs appearance in A Channel! I started to take notice of scarfs after reading your post about scarfs lol

          • Jo says:

            Ha, yeah I eat ice cream in winter as well…and then afterwards I warm myself up again by having a hot cup of tea.. you should try it sometime^^

            Viridian..I watched A-Channel, but all that went through my head was ‘K-On!-lite..K-On!-lite..
            K-On!-lite..K-On!-lite..K-On! was better!!’


            • Viridian says:

              K-On was in my mind when I watched it as well, but I think that’s because of k1y0’s blog. I’m not usually very perceptive… I do think K-On’s character design is better, but maybe I’ll grow to like it just like I grew to like the second season OP of K-On 😛

  3. Jo says:

    Yeah, K-On’s designs were definitely much better.. But didn’t you think that the tall girl was a combo of Mio and Mugi? (it doesn’t help that the seiyuu is Mugi, and she offered to bring sweets to school etc etc.. lol), Run= Yui, and Tooru’s character design= Azusa but with short hair..
    Ha, took me a while to get used to that OP as well…^^


  4. Yi says:

    Same here. I love scarves too!
    btw. K-On! girls have some of the cutest.

    • Jo says:

      Its finally gotten cold enough over this side of the world for me to bring out my scarf. Yup, K-On! does have the cutest scarves ^^ but I still like Kyon’s scarf (from Disappearance) the best… I’m seriously considering trying to hunt down one that looks like it lol..


  5. Sundae says:

    Haha my friend and I have an obsession with scarves as well.
    It all started with this video:

    Weirdest thing you’ll ever see (hopefully, if it gets any weirder you’re in the dangerous part of the internet)

    But seriously, the actual anime is really good watch Beyond the Boundary, it’s not as weird as the specials.

    • Jo says:

      Lol.. your scarf obsession started with this?!
      But yeah for scarves!! It was winter over this side of the world the last few months and I was able to wear this awesome scarf I bought a while back. It’s a blue and white striped pattern. I love it!
      I did watch Beyond the Boundary when it was showing. It was pretty good.. I liked it.


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