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fuckyeah!!! ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:Q ~Quickening~

Coming out Autumn 2012 =)

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Takatsuki and Chiba again…

I’m bored..I haven’t been watching any anime. I want to but I always find reason to put it off.. BUT..I found this cool picture of Takatsuki and Chiba (from Hourou Musuko) on Tumblr. [drawn by Love is Soup]

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Sailor Moon Awesomeness..

No I don’t watch Sailormoon anymore (haven’t done so for years and years…) but recently came across this album. It’s a great symphonic album. Highly recommended.. Go in with no preconceived opinion and you will be greatly rewarded.. Sailor Moon … Continue reading

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had my arse kicked yesterday.. kind of disappointed. very annoyed. must train better…that, or stop being so nervous during competitions. doesn’t help when my foil breaks during the bout, and I had no spare. -Jo

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