Going up Sydney Harbour Bridge…

My cousin, aunt and uncle came over from the States last week for a short holiday, mainly to visit my grandmother. The trip for my cousin was quite unexpected, so she didn’t really have anything in particular that she wanted to do other than climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So yesterday morning we caught the train out and made our way to the bridge. All I can say is the experience was pretty awesome. The weather was perfect and we had clear views across the city. The climb up and down was a bit scary though.. I’m afraid of heights, and the beginning plus the end of the climb had a set of extremely steep stairs (81 degrees). It just felt really exposed. I was grabbing onto the rails for dear life even though I knew I was perfectly safe.. It was only when I was on the arch of the bridge that I began to relax and feel comfortable. (I didn’t want that part to end lol… ending meant having to go down the stairs.) It was fun being able to stand at the top and just point out different parts of the city, ‘Grandma lives over that direction… I live over there… I used to go canoeing down over there… that’s where you’ll be going later after we get back down etc etc..’.

So yeah, I had a great day.. and it’s nice to have done something like that before I left the country.

That’s my awesome awesome cousin. Not sure how she feels about her photo being shown on the internets, thus the blurring…



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