blogging again? maybe..

wow! its been over 2 years since I’ve posted something.. I’m such a bum.

anyways.. I’m going to try it again. I’ve recently gotten into a gardening mood and thought it’ll be a good idea to keep track of the whole process.

I’ve got a big backyard behind the house. But I’m only allow to use a small area of it..

the garden

as you can see, its only about 3 meters by 3 meters at most.. so its not a very big area. By the way.. all that was a grassy area. I spent a couple of days digging it up over and over again to make sure the weeds are dead.

I’ve got the mini garden all planned out.. In my mind it looks nice enough, so hopefully the finished product will be decent enough.

 garden plan

So yeah, that’s the plan with the middle circle being the Japanese Maple tree that I bought yesterday. The tree is about 1 meter tall at the moment. I don’t want it to grow too tall because just over the fence is where my neighbours hang their laundry, so I don’t want the tree to be tall to the point that it’ll block the sun on their side. I’ll have to do some reading up on how to prune the tree so it looks nice without killing it lol..

Japanese Maple

All this gardening stuff started a couple of weeks ago when I took my bonsais for a service/check up. I bought the bonsais about a year ago.  Out of the three, I’ve killed one, got one infected with a disease and the cherry blossom I managed to keep alive and blooming. The infected plant (the middle one, a juniper) is being treated now whereas the serissa (the first one, which I killed) I asked to get replaced with another Japanese maple. So whilst I was at the nursery, I thought.. I really want to plant one of these bonsais and watch it grow… From that, I just started looking up photos of small gardens, trying to get some inspiration. All I’ve got to do now is go to the nursery to buy everything..  and fingers cross, if the weather holds up I’ll be able to plant the flower seeds next weekend.


These were my bonsais about 6 months ago.. They look a lot different now.. I’ll post up photos when I get them back from the nursery.



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2 Responses to blogging again? maybe..

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Good luck with the new project. I don’t have a green thumb, and have never been able to keep anything alive, so you are doing quite a bit better than me.

    • Jo says:

      Thanks Joojoobees!
      I haven’t actually been doing very well, since the bonsais only needed watering and I still managed to mess that up haha..
      We’ll see in a few weeks if the flowers will actually grow..


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