rain rain please go away…

Its been raining on and off the whole week (actually the whole month), so I haven’t really been able to do much to the garden. Originally I had wanted to mow the lawn and add the grass clippings to the soil, but because the grass was too wet, I couldn’t do it.

Regardless of the weather, I really really wanted to plant the tree in. Luckily it was just overcast today, so I managed to  finish everything off more or less.

During the digging and the planting process, I realised that I didn’t have enough soil. So I went to buy more soil.. afterwards when I got home, my mom asked me how many mondo grass plants I had, and I told her that I bought 5. She told me to buy another one because 6 is a better number than 5. So I’ll do that tomorrow on my way back from work. If only I asked before I went to get the soil.. that would have saved me from going again tomorrow.

To be honest, the area I chose to make this garden isn’t exactly ideal. There isn’t much soil, and it’s all rock underneath. But then again, I didn’t want the tree to grow too tall.. so in someways it works out well for me. It just probably won’t be a very healthy tree since the roots won’t go very deep. I guess we’ll find out in a few years lol..

So yeah, the garden is more of less finished. Just have to collect more rocks and stones to build my rock wall, and to also move the giant rock to the back corner. Its too heavy for me to lift myself.. So I’ll have to wait till someone can help me. Or I might decide to plant something else there..

Fingers crossed the flowers will start blooming in a few weeks.










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